Industrial Water-Cooled Water Chiller


Industrial Water-cooled water chiller

3-100HP High effeciency
  • Cooling Type: water cooled
  • Cooling Capacity: 3-100HP
  • High-precision Control:±1℃
  • Working Temp. Range:+3℃~+50℃

Product Describtion

APT machinery Water-cooled industrial chiller series 

  • <Compact-construction,durable ,High efficiency energy saving >
  • Original compressor : environmental-protection ,shigh stability ,durable and energy-saving
  • Low energy consumption of water pump : Large flow and high head for meeting water condition of each equipment
  • High precision pressure controller : Accurate and fast for protecting compressor and main device
  • Microcomputer temperature controller : accurately control the temperature of water from +3℃to +25℃,Display accuracy at 0.1℃
  • Shell and tube Condenser : Copper tube with strong heat transfer performance and durable,Easy to clean,it’s main device of traditional central air conditioner
  • Stainless steel water tank with coil evaporator : Cleaning and maintenance is convenient and quick,easy to know the actual situation of water equipment
  • Protective device : Low voltage ,Lack of power ,Fault phase protection ,Compressor overload protection ,Pump overload protection ,High and low pressure protection ,Frost protection ,Cooling water shortage ,Frozen water shortage protection And delaying starting and so on .Safety protection device ,Alarm at any time ,Display fault

Technical Parameter

The 6 protection process of APTchiller
The Application of APT industry chillers

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