Titanium Coil Tube And Shell heat exchanger for aquarium chiller

Titanium Coil Tube And Shell heat exchanger for aquarium chiller

Titanium tube heat exchanger is mainly used on aquarium water chiller.Its Ta1 grade Titanium material can prevent rust and corrosion,durable in the sea water condition.

重量3 kg
尺寸28 × 20 × 45 cm
Model name

titanium coil tube and PVC shell Heat exchanger

Tube material


Shell material


Shell height


Color for Thermal insulation cotton

Black, White


Details about Titanium Coil Tube And Shell heat exchanger for aquarium chiller

Benifits of APT’s heat exchanger

1 If your heat exchanger has problems such as short service life, easy leakage at weld joint, easy blockage of heat exchanger tube and poor corrosion resistance of shell, we strongly recommend that you contact our engineer in time. We will help you figure out the root cause and provide perfect solutions.

2 APT’s evaporator is widely used in petrochemical, electroplating and laser mechanical cooling environments with corrosive media. The product has excellent heat transfer effect and excellent corrosion resistance in seawater.

3 Also, APT’s engineering department can also design corresponding heat exchangers according to the specific needs of customers.

APT choose high quality raw materials to ensure the quality of our products:

APT engineers will select different materials according to the working conditions of your heat exchanger, develop appropriate processing technology, and inform our customers of the correct use and maintenance methods, so as to ensure that exchanger will not produce corrosion, pitting, rust or wear. Our different types of stainless steel/Titanium/copper heat exchangers are well used in industrial corrosion environment without chloride, marine environment, acidic water, saline water and chemical corrosion environment. 

Titanium heat exchanger evaporator for aquarium or aquaculture

Titanium has a strong corrosion resistance, and the corrosion in sea water is basically zero. It is not easy to produce oxide layer on the surface. It does not pollute the medium and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The shell can be made of PVC, titanium, stainless steel, etc. Titanium tube heat exchanger effectively prolongs the service life of heat exchanger in special occasions, and costs less maintenance. It also has the advantages of small size and strong heat transfer capacity.

Titanium heat exchanger evaporator application:

Titanium tube heat exchangers can be widely used for temperature control in swimming pools, aquariums, aquariums, sea water baths, plating tanks, marine heating and cooling systems of chemical equipment. It can also be used in anti-corrosion areas such as seawater utilization and surface treatment industries. In addition, the titanium tube heat exchanger is also used in food, distilled water, pure water, brewing, beer, beverage, soilless cultivation, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries. It can also be used in the field of environmental protection, such as waste gas condensation recovery, pollutant (solvent) recovery and so on.

Advantages of APT titanium coil heat exchange products

1. Choose the appropriate stainless steel model according to the customer’s working conditions, give full play to its maximum corrosion resistance and ensure the heat transfer effect.

2. Professional and standardized welding process to ensure that the weld is not leakage, the starting point and source of corrosion.

3. Factory price and professional engineering services.

APT heat exchangers with excellent ability for heat exchanging and adaptation are widely used for:

1. Heat pump water heater condenser

2. Condenser/evaporator for aquarium or aquaculture water chiller

3. Condenser for pool heat pump

4. Condenser/evaporator for water(ground) source heat pump

5. Cooler or regenerator for CO2 heat pump air

6. Condenser/evaporator for marine AC

7. Condenser for ice machine

8. Evaporator for water purifier

9. Evaporation or condenser for mariculture constant temperature machine

10. Condenser for dish washer

11. Condenser/evaporator for industrial chillers.

12. Condenser/evaporator for chemical industrial cooling system.

13. Condenser/evaporator for marine or sea oil heat exchanger.

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