Preparation Before Installation a Water Chiller

Preparation before installation of chiller

Find it hard or complicate to install a water chiller? Don’t know how to pick up a right place to settle your new water chiller?

Actually , you just need to do below steps one by one.Then everything will become very simple.

Let’s do it!

Check the components are complete

Before installation, check whether the components of the unit are complete.

The Right Cooling water tower and Cooling water pump

Select the appropriate cooling tower (air cooling type does not need cooling tower), and the capacity of cooling water pump should match the model. Please install according to the size of the body pipe, do not reduce the size of the cooling pipe, in order to avoid causing high pressure overload, affecting the cooling effect and increasing power consumption.

Correct handling methods

Correct handling method: use stacker, crane and drum. Do not drag the machine by force. Since the equipment has been debugged before leaving the factory, the system has pressure, so strong vibration is not allowed during loading and unloading, handling and installation. It is not allowed to invert, tilt or side set the unit during handling.

The right installation location requested:

The water chiller is an indoor device. If the user needs to place the equipment outdoors, it should be well protected from rain and sun, and should not be directly exposed to the outside.

The installation location should be a place with stable foundation, open surroundings, ventilation, avoiding corrosion and pollution, and convenient for installation and maintenance.

Since the unit itself will generate heat, it is necessary to avoid high temperature area around the unit during installation to meet the effective heat dissipation of the equipment, especially to ensure that the condenser of air-cooled chiller is well ventilated.

Avoid placing high-power inverter, welding machine and other equipment with interference sources near the equipment, and the installation space of the unit shall not be less than the size shown in the figure below. The figure shows the minimum installation space of the unit (unit: mm).

Water-cooled water chiller (Box type or Open type)
Air-cooled water chiller


The unit without caster at the bottom

The unit without caster at the bottom must be placed on the horizontal concrete base, and there must be no less than 3mm thick damping rubber pad between the unit and the concrete base


It is better to install large air-cooled units in outdoor space.

On the other hand, it can reduce heat emission. When placing, please support the bottom of the unit with bracket to make it ventilate smoothly and prevent rusting.




(1) the power load and grounding part shall be constructed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations

(2) The chilled water pipes of newly installed chillers must be covered with insulation layer.

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