The Application of APT industry chillers

The Application of refrigeration technology in 2021

The Application of Refrigeration Technology in 2021

With the development of refrigeration industry, the application of refrigeration technology is becoming more and more extensive. Now it has penetrated into all fields of people’s life and production activities, from daily clothing, food, housing, transportation, to cutting-edge science and technology can not do without refrigeration technology.

1. Food Engineering

In order to prolong and improve the quality, economic life and value of perishable food, it is necessary to maintain a stable low temperature environment in the whole circulation process of perishable food from purchase or fishing, processing, storage, transportation to sales. This requires a variety of refrigeration facilities, such as cold processing equipment, refrigerated warehouses, refrigerated transport vehicles or ships, refrigerated sales counters and so on.

 2. Air conditioning engineering

Air conditioning engineering is a wide application field of refrigeration technology. The temperature, humidity and cleanliness of the environment are required to be controlled in different degrees in optical instruments, precision measuring tools, textile workshops and computer rooms; comfortable air conditioning systems are also required for public buildings such as gymnasiums, great halls, hotels and other public buildings, cars, airplanes, and large buses.

4. Mechanical and electronic industry

Precision machine tool oil pressure system uses refrigeration to control the oil temperature, which can stabilize the oil film stiffness and make the machine work normally. Low temperature treatment of steel can improve the properties of steel, improve the hardness and strength of steel, and prolong the service life of workpiece. Multi channel communication, radar, satellite ground station and other electronic equipment also need to work in low temperature.

20HP industrial water-cooled chiller
20HP industrial water-cooled chiller

5. Medical and health services

Plasma, vaccines and some special drugs need to be preserved at low temperature. Low temperature anesthesia, low temperature surgery and cold compress cooling of patients with high fever also need refrigeration technology.

Swimming pool water chiller 1HP-3HP
Swimming pool water chiller 1HP-3HP

6. National defense industry and modern science

It is also necessary to simulate the performance of these weapons and vehicles in the cold environment. Artificial rainfall also needs cooling.

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